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Yogyta’s Europe – how to make Aloo Paratha

The Indian cuisine is really oh so yummy. Good for me that Yogyta starts missing the taste of it whilst travelling Europe with me. Time for her to show me how to make parathas.


A paratha is basically a type of bread eaten in India (mostly in Punjab and the north) and other Asian countries for breakfast. It’s tasty and quite filling. Probably the most popular parathas are the stuffed ones, onion paratha or aloo (potatoe) paratha. Sometimes it’s also spelled parantha. I love this kind of breakfast and parathas are easy to make, so here comes the recipe for a paratha stuffed with potatoes and onions.


whole wheat flour, ghee, potatoes, onions (preferrably not sweet), green chillies ( I only had read ones but never mind), fresh coriander leaves, garam masala, salt, red chili powder


Boil the potatoes and mash them. Make sure not to keep any chunks, it should be a fine mash. While the potatoes are boiling, chop the coriander leaves, the chillies and the onions and mix them with the potatoes once those have cooled down. Add the spices. If you want you can also add cumin.


Use the whole wheat flour to prepare a dough by adding some water and a little ghee. Take the dough and form some dough balls.


Flatten the dough ball and put some of the filling on top. Cover the filling with the Ends of the dough ball and flatten again.


Now use some ghee in the pan and bake the paratha until it turns Gold on both sides. Ready, serve!


The paratha is really nice if you have raita and a chutney, eg hot mango chutney with it.


For the raita, simply use a creamy yoghurt, add chopped onions, cumin, chopped tomatoes and cucumbers, cumin and salt to your liking.




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  1. Indische Küche! Mein absolutes Faible! Aber um ganz ehrlich zu sein: Ich habe nie Parathas gegessen, weil ich normalerweise indische Restaurants zum Abendessen aufsuche.

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